Our Mission

At Mootsh we believe that life shouldn’t begin and end on our smartphones. We’re about freeing ourselves from the digital tether, and printing our memories to be savored and shared with our own two hands, offline.

We’re inspired by the power of habit to cultivate gratitude and to reframe the way we live, love, and remember it all.

Which is why we’ve designed the Mootsh print subscription as a monthly ritual — with tools, support and inspiration. Mootsh makes it easy to remember to select your favorite images each month, and to make a regular practice of it.

And in taking the time to reflect, each month, you’re slowly, ever-so-slightly changing your perspective, towards gratitude for the people that you cherish, and appreciation for each moment as it unfolds.

Mootsh, love is in the fine prints.

Our Story

As new moms and recent California transplants, we both found ourselves documenting our life’s every “important” moment, with very little to show for it. Upon reflection, we were astonished at how much time we spent taking photos, only to upload them to some cloud in the sky, never to be seen again.

Particularly as our little ones rapidly grew and changed, the stark difference between our own analog childhoods – ones with homes peppered with framed family memories – and the digitally-dependent childhoods of our own young families became more glaring each day.

We missed the ritual of taking, printing, sharing and treasuring our memories. And we figured there had to be a better way of recreating this recently-lost habit.

Et voila, Mootsh was born!

About Us

Hi! We’re Noemie and Gratiane, two entrepreneurial French natives who adore our adopted hometown of Venice Beach, California.

Noemie comes to Mootsh with a background in event production and communication, and a love of all things creative.

Gratiane believes in the power of photography to convey emotions. She is an established photojournalist specializing in women issues.

Pronunciation: müsh

Mootsh is pronounced moo-sh. “Mootsh” is the nickname of Noemie’s adored grandmother, who affectionately maintained the family’s history through her many photo albums, framed photos, and slides. We named our company Mootsh as a grateful nod to the many matriarchs who came before us and were pivotal in the cultivation of our stories.